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New Post 11/26/2007 4:37 AM
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when you have 2 out of four loosing seasons as a nebraska coach you are gone tom had o loosing seasons in over 25 years. he is in lousiana right now talking to bo polini
New Post 11/26/2007 8:18 PM
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Re: Callahan 

I like the idea of Bo possibly coming back.  I question his dedication to Nebraska as he continues to jump around from team to team but I think I can over look that because he has some crazy passion for what he does.  One thing that impressed the cramp out of me was how Bo can relate to players.  I remember during one game years back that I watched him with the Nebraska defense before the game.  The entire defense was hopping up and down on the field getting pumped and Bo was right there in the middle of them just as FIRED UP.  It was like he was getting ready to go out there and put the pads on with  the players.  That is AWESOME.  When you see your leaders, no matter in sports, life, work ..etc fired up and passionate about what they do this becomes infectious.





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