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New Post 12/5/2011 7:28 AM
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BO vs. HUSKER Forums & Rumors -like NCIU.org  
Hi all, I've been so out of the loop! & am keen to know whether BO & others were still irate over forums, in particular NCIU, & their "rumor-mills" & "leaks" -???

Last season/yr BO was really PO'ed & blasting the Husker Forum which operates under the guise "National Cable Installers Union" & who he believed started those rumors,etc.. After being 'outed' & getting so much bad-attention NCIU was discussing changing its name -or alias- hough unsure if they did. FOR YOU SEE, my hubby Drew cocky-Cox :P is a part of NCIU, which in all honestly I find rather CULT-ISH ! It's so secretive (& paranoid), is invite only, thorough checks into potential members, & even if-once approved they're forbidden to discuss or show the Site/Forum (&it's real-time chatroom during games) with Anyone At All !! MOREOVER, they must pay-pal $12 a month for the priviledge to discuss NE football & other sports (& misc. topics) & hush-hush news supposingly! to founder Adam Bahr, an UNIVERSITY of NE ALUMNI ASSOCIATE who's directly connected to the Huskers football team (management or whatnot)...Mr. Bahr says he's "In-The-Know" & from what I've seen & heard to some degree he does seem to have detailed info &/or pre-press stuff , BUT he's then becomes like somekind of figurehead & if you displease him you're gone...

SO are he & the members of NCIU responsible for the propaganda that esp. BO was so angry over -well I'm unsure becuz there's so many HUSKER forums, chat-rooms, blogs, etc. web-wide & too easy for rumors to be started, fed on & spread like wildfire... But I'm weary of NCIU or any "group" that claims to have the Inside Info for a very very selective, paying, & gagged few..!

So whats the latest !?

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  Husker Voice  Husker Sports  General Talk  BO vs. HUSKER Forums & Rumors -like NCIU.org
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