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Nebraska Hospitality As Seen By BYU Fans 
I wanted to come over to your forum and let you know just how impressed I've been with what I read about Nebraska hospitality. There were a sizable number of BYU fans at last Saturday's game and it seems like all of them have posted something on the BYU fan forums about what great hosts Nebraska fans are. One family of six (yes, the stereotype of Mormons with big families is legitimate) had some anonymous Nebraska fan buy their dinner at a restaurant Saturday night. When they asked for their check, the server said, "Someone has already paid for it and said to tell you that your dinner tonight is on the 'Huskers." After such a gutwrenching loss as the one your team suffered that afternoon, being less than enthused with the opposing team's fans would certainly be understandable. Instead, your fans were just as sportsmanlike in defeat as you were before the game. That's just incredible and deserving of tremendous praise. I don't know if the day will ever come when Nebraska would find it possible to travel to Provo for a game, but I guarantee you that if you do, there will be a great many Cougar fans looking to return the favors your fans gave us. Your team and your fans represent the absolute best that college sports should be and you've made a tremendous number of admirers in Cougar Nation. It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. After the game in Lincoln, I've lost track of the many Cougar opinions I've read that have stated BYU fans need to do their best to raise their level of hospitality to something at least within rifleshot of Cornhusker performance. Thanks for showing us how a really top-notch program does things. I guarantee you that most of Cougar Nation will be pulling hard for the Big Red for a long time to come.
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  Husker Voice  Husker Sports  Football  Nebraska Hospitality As Seen By BYU Fans
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